Just finished a case that relied entirely on trusting my client’s DNA. He had his original birth certificate as well as non-identifying information. He was frustrated because nothing seemed to fit. Since I’ve been doing this work for a long time, the one thing that I have learned is that if someone gives fictitious information, something is usually true. In this case, the birth mother used her real first name, Frances. She changed her age on his birth certificate and used an alias last name. It stumped him for years. My client is almost 81 years old! As you can imagine in 1941, no one could imagine the ways in which the truth could be found by way of technology and DNA. My client assumed the DNA was pointing to the family he found as his Paternal side not realizing that his birth mother could legally use false information. When you are searching and things do not add up, you must go outside of the box. Think broader but always trust your DNA. But also remember if a DNA match does not quite fit into your other matches, quite possibly they are also unaware of their actual true family. Hope this helps someone! Have a wonderful weekend, All