What is the minimum information you need to start searching?

I can take on cases with minimal information. I have successfully solved searches with as little information as the adoptees date of birth. With success, I have worked for birth mothers who were so traumatized by the process of surrendering their child that they were unable to recall their child’s date of birth.

Why can't I have more than one company working to find my family?

If there is more than one company working on your case it tends to muddy the waters. Different agents and people calling the same person will throw up flags and make the case more difficult to solve.

What do you require to begin your search?

I provide a written contract to all my clients. Once the signed contract is received along with any pertinent information known by my clients I will begin their search.

How long does it take? What's the longest it takes?

Every adoption case is different, however, the average time is within one month. Of course, the more information provided to me the more expedient a case should be.

What do you charge?

My fee is $2500.

Why can't I just search online?

It’s an unfortunate mistake for the birth child to assume that he/she would still find their birth mother under her maiden name. Of course, some birth mothers never marry but 95% of the time they are found with a name change. The same is true for a birth mother looking for a child who has more than likely had a name change. Reunion registries can be very successful, however, because there are so many different registries today, it has become increasingly difficult.

Can Pamela make contact for me?

I am willing to make contact on behalf of my clients.  However, I prefer to coach my clients on how best to make contact. An intermediary (which is what I would be if I were to make contact) provides a wall of safety to the person receiving the phone call.  I think that fear of the unknown is the main reason that people do not reconnect.  If the birth mother/father and or son/daughter speak directly, everyone is forced to communicate and have an honest conversation. Also, if it is going to be a one-time call, the person searching should be able to hear the voice of the person that they are seeking in order to fully understand the feelings of the person that they have found.

What happens if the person I am searching for is deceased?

Unfortunately, if the person that I am searching for is deceased, my fee still applies.  I have to do a full search in order to determine if someone is living or deceased. However, I will locate a next of kin for my client in this instance.  I fully understand that most people are searching for closure and medical history and that reaching out to a birth family member is extremely important.

Does Pamela Do Her Own Research?

Yes. Confidentiality is Pamela’s utmost priority. She does not use any assistants or junior researchers. All client, data, history, and documentation is for Pamela’s eyes only. 

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