I just learned that my birth mother, Lucille passed away. I’m numb, sad and angry all at the same time. I had carried this Ghost, my birth mother, in my heart my entire life, through all of the pain that I endured during my search and subsequent contact with her. Shockingly, Lucille showed up at my front door without warning 24 years after my initial contact with her. Her surprise visit was surreal and so very healing for me. I will cherish the day that I met with my birth mother and was able to look into her green eyes and know where mine came from. She was likable, funny and I enjoyed her company. We shared so many likes such as flowers, decorating and painting. My last text to her was mushy but I have no regrets. I finally said all the things that I always wanted to say. Goodbye, Lucille. Thank you for giving me life and subsequently the chance to meet you so that I was able to feel peace and closure.