TRUST the DNA. I have been working on a case that I’ve gone round and round on. I believed the birth father to be a man who was 59 years old. The birth mother was 16. I could not reconcile this intellectually. I doubted my own work even though I spent hours reconfirming things. I did not advise my client of my findings …. until yesterday. One of my client’s DNA matches was kind enough to reach out and tell me that she finally was told the identity of her birth father. She shared his name with me and lo and behold, he is the brother to the very same person I suspected all along. The DNA lined up, and my gut was right. I do trust myself to be accurate but my biggest fear in doing the work that I do would be to make a mistake. I fully understand the magnitude of the information that I provide and how it can impact someone’s life.

I am happy to say that my client has received this information and is so happy to finally have closure. She has a bunch of new relatives and I hope that she is received with open arms.

Moral of the story is to trust your gut and to remember that DNA does not lie.