Learning that you are the product of rape is a really hard thing to reconcile within. I was told by my birth mother that this was how I was conceived. It rocked me to my core. It turned out not to be true once I received the results of my first dna test, but I had carried the shame and burden of feeling that my birth caused so much pain. I had to fight to reclaim myself, to remind myself that we do not carry the sins of our ancestors and ultimately, I was put on Earth for a purpose. I often think that aside having the ability to find people, my true purpose is to remind people that they are meant to be here, the shame they feel is not theirs to bear and that DNA does not define them. I presently have the difficult job of discussing with my client the nature of their birth but also to disclose that their birth father victimized another woman as well. Really tough stuff and my prayer is that my client (and anyone going through this situation) will be strong enough to know that they are innocent of any blame and that their birth mother is able to see them as their child, not the offspring of a criminal.